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Top 9 Features in Latest Version of Android O [Android 8.0]

Written by Tamal Basak

Hi fellows here is great news for android lovers’ and users, Google unveiled a latest version of android, Last couple of weeks, at Google I/O 2017, Google launched the latest version of Android, its Android O, and the advance version of Nougat. Basically Google now launched the developer preview of Android O, so we’ve got a tad bit of a wait for Android O to graduate to a full version of Android with its own hardware and everything, according to Google press conference & Other Best Niche Markets Android O will be available later this year in full version.

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Every year Google conduct their I/O meeting in which they declare their imperative products. This year Google launched numerous products and one of the great is Android “O” I know most people consider that what is Android O? What is the meaning of “O” let me clarify, at this occasion Google discussed the new features of Android O, yet they didn’t uncover the Name of Android, as per most rumors comes it can be Android Ox-Tongue, Ontbijtkoek, Oliebol, Ozark Pudding, Oatmeal Cookie, Orelletes, Oreo? Well, we still don’t know what sweet inspired name will follow Nougat.  We will need to sit tight for the official declaration to know the genuine Name of Android O. (till then you can also guess the name of Android “O” and share with us in comment box).

Google IO 2017

Google revealed details of the Mobile operating system update at its Google I/O opening press conference. While Nougat was a more design Centric Update, Google says it’s going back to basics with Android O and is concentrating on polishing existing features and fixing thousands of bugs. As we said, Google talked about the new elements of Android O in its developer conference the previous evening and in the event that you need to recognize what is the new thing you are going to find in Android O then Look at the list below.

If you have any query related about Android “O” and need to know more top features of Android “O” then must read this article, I’m definitely sure this article will give you all answer and toward the end you will get more knowledge about Android “O”.

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App Permissions

At whatever point an android user going to install an app from Google Play Store, then a pop-up is appear that shows a List of all the permissions that an application needs to utilize, If that is annoys you most of time, don’t worry then it’s a good News for you because Google has simplified the permissions in Android O, With Android O, you can now give apps certain permissions like camera, microphone, and location whereas before you needed to give the application to use all of those things. Presently in Android O the application won’t approach you for Permissions when you download them from Play Store. In Place of the permissions pop-up will Pop-up when the app is trying to access a feature of your device, For example, if you are using whatsapp app in Android O and you need to send a voice record using whatsapp, a pop-up will show at that time requesting whatsapp to access the microphone or voice record, other we can also manage all their application permissions in phone settings.

‘DOZE’- Better Battery life

This new feature in android O operating system, it’s called “DOZE”, “Doze” is a brilliant battery saver highlight in Android O; it is profoundly upgraded the mobile’s battery, This feature utilizes the device’s motion sensors to identify when a device hasn’t moved for an extended period of time and will naturally shut down it processors so apps that use a lot of power doesn’t drain your battery, If you are tensed about missing out on alarms and incoming call & messages, Doze will still allow those notifications and modes to be activated. This is a new feature which gives your phone the capacity to identify if the Smartphone has not been used for some time, for this situation the phone will reduce the background action, which improves the battery life of your device.

In press conference they claimed that battery life of all Android 6.0 aka Android O devices will be better than ever before. Besides Also, you don’t need to stress over charging issues; they also updated new quick charging elements in Android “O” Google says it has tested it with a Nexus 9; they doubled the battery life when they tested Doze on the device.

Fingerprint Sensor Support

As we know that Apple’s iOS already comes with fingerprint sensor (If you are on iPhone iOS, Then you Must try an App called Cydia Impactor to unlock your device), however now Android operating-system also co-ordinate with fingerprint sensor technology. This will permit Smartphone manufacturers to include Fingerprint scanner in Smartphone that work appropriately and app developers to use fingerprint scanning for security. The reason behind why the Finger Print sensor does not work appropriately in Android Smartphone’s is because till now they did not have any native support from Android framework. Yet, now, Google have included native support for fingerprint scanner. So now it is possible in Android O, apps can use that feature for authorization instead of having to enter a password or pin. This feature will make our Smartphone’s much easier, secure and faster.

This is most likely the best feature of Android O. furthermore, works like a brilliant virtual associate. Now on Tap gives you logical Information based on the content on your screen For example, if you’re viewing someone’s Google + profile, and you want to find out more information about he/she then you can use “now on Tap” feature to find out more details about that person. It may also link to that person’s Twitter or Facebook Profile. We will be surely say that this is the easy way to find detail of any person without searching on Google using Google Voice Assistant and copy and paste, simply hold down on the home button to find out more information about someone.

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Android Pay

Android pay is also a new feature in Android O, same as other more mobile payment system, Google included its own mobile payment service “Android pay”, Presently you may suspecting that Google copied it from Apple Pay but truth is  Android Pay has all that much different and unique from Apple Pay. This is empower Android user to just (and safely) pay in stores and somewhere else that support android pay feature. Android Pay too works with Near Field Communications (NFC) simply the same as Apple Pay. Android Pay will work much like its antecedent where you include your payment strategy whether it’s a debit or credit card, and after that you can make buys at NFC terminals or applications that support the feature.

Google says that Android Pay will be pre-installed on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile Devices and it will be accepted in 700,000 stores in the US and will be supported by American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Uninstall Apps on the Home Screen

This feature finally give you the option to uninstall or delete application in your home screen, just basically tap and hold an application for a seconds which you need to remove and you can remove any application with a simple & quick path on the home screen.

App Backups

If you are always lost out your important app and app data & setting, then it’s time to back up the entire app in Google drive automatically in android O, is it useful? Well we think this is feature is more useful for those who delete own important app by accident or after updated software and reset phone. You can download the app again and it will be set up like automatically it was before. However, there is a 25 MB on every app that is backed up.

Better volume Control

In this feature you can easily change the volume for your alarm, ringtone, and notification, in previous version of android you would have needed to go into the Settings menu to do that. But With Android O, they made the simpler route to do as such by including a little drop down arrow to the main volume menu.App Drawer of android “O” is well design and easy to interface, you can scroll vertically when seeing your app drawer, which will be in alphabetically order,Also the four recently downloaded apps will be stuck to the highest point of drawer for simple access. The app drawer change also includes a search bar at the top, which will most likely prove to be useful. This is the most visual changes to Android O—and it’s not one that everybody has necessarily embraced. Google is making O available as a developer preview for the Nexus 5, 6, 9, and Nexus Player, with a full release later this year, so user have to wait for full release of Android O operating system.

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So these are the top 9 features of latest version android O which we mention in this article, if you know about more feature and that  is not mention in this article, then lets us know via comment, Hope you like this article. Feel free to subscribe us our newsletter, don’t mistake to miss any knowledgeable article, so keep in touch with us have a nice day.

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