Acer Swift 7 Review: The World’s Slimmest Laptop Specifications & Price

Written by Tamal Basak


Innovation organizations adore a touch of one-up man-ship. The Acer Swift 7 is a ultra-thin tablet, a ton like the HP Specter however with a value that is somewhat less demanding to swallow. Whenever shut, its thickest edge measures 9.98mm, which makes it the primary portable workstation to be under 1cm thick. A fine accomplishment, however does it warrant getting one? Here’s our Acer Swift 7 Review.

Acer has exchanged off some processor energy to get the Swift 7 this thin, however it just truly influences gaming generally. The individuals who need a tablet with no conspicuous bargains made for configuration might need to consider the Dell XPS 13 rather, yet this is a decent decision in the event that you just need a tablet that is thin, versatile and simple to utilize.


In 2016 we saw some scarily costly tablets, the new MacBook Pro line specifically is sufficiently expensive to suck many ledgers dry. The Acer Swift 7 isn’t shoddy, however it does at any rate slide in just shy of £1000.

At the season of composing you can think that its online for Rs. 99,990.00 from Flipkart, making it somewhat more moderate than the HP Specter and Rs. 8000 less expensive than the nearest Dell XPS 13 specification.

There’s likewise just a single config of the Swift 7 at the season of audit. It has an Intel Core i5-7Y54 CPU, 256GB SSD and a 1080p screen. You get a standard one-year guarantee, so there’s no esteem included that front.


The Acer Swift 7’s top element is 9.98mm thickness. That is significantly slimmer than the 12-inch MacBook or the HP Specter.

Remove the Acer Swift 7 from its container and it feels like a routine portable workstation, however. It’s thin and light, yet doesn’t attempt to rehash the portable workstation in the way the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 did.

There’s nothing amiss with that, especially on the off chance that you need something commonplace to utilize day by day, yet the Swift 7 likewise doesn’t have the ultra-minimal style of the Dell XPS 13. There’s some space around the console and “extra” screen encompass that makes its width and tallness ordinary.

Once more, this isn’t really a terrible thing. A strong impression gives you a chance to utilize the Acer Swift 7 on your knees without it feeling unsafe and that 10mm thickness makes the portable PC simple to stash in a rucksack or pack. It weighs only 1.16kg as well.

The Acer Swift 7 has an all-aluminum outline, with a dark complete on the top and underside and a significantly more striking gold inside. As the shading is generally punchy we would have valued a more calm silver or dark choice, yet despite everything it seems elegant. There are no brushed or finished touches to push it over the edge.

For a portable workstation this thin, the Swift 7 likewise feels reassuringly strong. The console doesn’t flex when you press on it and there’s just a slight twisting of the edge when you (regrettably) hold it by the very edge of the edge.

There are a couple of little touches that make the plan appear to be somewhat less perfect than a MacBook, for example, the way you can tilt the screen so far back the front begins to lift up. In any case, this might be desirable over the fairly constrained pivot development of the HP Specter.


The Acer Swift 7 is extremely HP Specter-like in its associations, however. There are two USB-C ports and an earphone jack. In the same way as other late style portable workstations, there’s no memory card opening, no HDMI and no full-measure USBs. One of these USB-Cs is likewise utilized by the power plug, leaving only the one free while charging.

We’re beginning to see loads of USB-C association center points fly up, so you might need to get hold of one for home utilize. Picture takers and bad-to-the-bone clients ought to likewise look at the Dell XPS 13, however. It has a SD card opening and a full-measure USB, which means you won’t have to recollect to bring embellishments around with you.


acer-swift review keyboard

One other Acer Swift 7 attributes normal to an expanding number of super-thin portable workstations is an exceptionally shallow console. There’s more go than a MacBook, yet less development than a HP Specter or Dell XPS 13.

While a sound motivation to be put off, the Acer Swift 7 does in any case feel useful for genuinely long-shape writing. It’s not clicky but rather there is a not too bad measure of imperviousness to the keys that prevents writing from feeling ambiguous.

It’s the sort of shallow console we can get on with. Be that as it may, it doesn’t have a backdrop illumination, not at all like practically every other option at the cost. At a similar value the Razer Blade Stealth has one that can show any shade of the rainbow.

As portable workstation clients who regularly wind up working in faintly lit tradition corridors, we’d think that its difficult to change back to a non-lit console. Ensure you won’t miss the component before purchasing, as a lot of tablets at the cost have a backdrop illumination.

There are no comparable mis-ventures in the trackpad, however. Like the console, it has a light vibe. It’s anything but difficult to click however with extremely positive input, making brisk double taps a secure.

The Swift 7 cushion is extensive as well, an adjusted off rectangle that gives you a lot of space for motions. Its surface is additionally superb, utilizing finished glass simply like a MacBook or other top-end Windows portable workstations.


acer swift review

Like the HP Specter, there’s no ultra-high determination alternative when purchasing an Acer Swift 7. It has a 1080p IPS LCD screen with a layer of Gorilla Glass 5 on top giving astounding scratch-resistance. This is a similar kind of glass you may see on a costly telephone.

Notwithstanding having a gleaming, intelligent screen, the Acer Swift 7 doesn’t have a touchscreen, however. This kind of complete looks conspicuous, however can turn into a disturbance when you utilize the tablet outside. In any case, with top splendor of 368cd/m2, the show can go sufficiently splendid to battle reflections.

Utilizing the portable PC as our fundamental work machine, we noticed the genuinely traditionalist determination when we booted-up the Acer Swift 7. Symbol content looks a little pixellated, thus do littler characters in sites. Numerous ultra-thin and in vogue options at a comparative value utilize 1080p screens, however.

For instance, higher-res Dell XPS 13 models begin at £1249, and the least expensive MacBook Pro nowadays costs £1249. On the off chance that you need a high-res tablet and just have £1000 to spend, look at the ‘section level’ QHD Razer Blade Stealth or the marginally less favor (however less expensive) Asus ZenBook UX330UA.

Show quality is generally great, if no superior to anything we expect at the cost. It covers 85 for each penny of the sRGB shading standard, which means hues seem marginally undersaturated. Scope of the more profound Adobe RGB and DCI P3 shading principles is unremarkable, at 59.2 and 64.2 for every penny separately, so in case you’re a sharp picture taker or ace originator, you might need to search for a portable PC with a higher-review screen.

For more broad utilize, the Acer Swift 7 show still looks great as a result of its exceptionally strong difference. At 997:1 it’s more great than the shading execution, helping the screen show up punchy.


acer swift 7 slimest laptop review

Acer has adopted a somewhat unordinary strategy with the Swift 7’s processor. Rather than utilizing a typical Core i5 processor, it has an Intel Core i5-7Y54. This is the most recent go up against Intel’s “Center M” style CPU arrangement, processors intended to use as meager vitality and make as meager warmth as could be expected under the circumstances.

Too has empowering the super-thin outline, this gives the Swift 7 a chance to get by utilizing latent cooling: warm sinks just, no fans. Accordingly, it’s noiseless, in spite of the fact that you will see some warmth in the space over the console while charging or doing anything that draws near to maximizing the CPU.

Utilizing this kind of processor likewise implies the Acer Swift 7 is less capable than the much less expensive Acer S13, which utilizes a customary Core i-arrangement processor. You won’t see the distinction while doing everyday tablet assignments — light stuff like perusing, composing docs and watching recordings. This is found in some of our benchmark comes about as well.

In the PCMark 8 Home test the Acer Swift 7 scores 2234 focuses, where a typical i5 may score around 2200-2400. We showed signs of improvement result from the Acer S13, yet they’re in a similar class.

So also, in Geekbench 3 and 4 it scores 5430 and 5523 focuses separately, again fundamentally the same as an ordinary Core i5 Skywell-era portable PC.

It’s the point at which you begin playing diversions you see the enormous distinction between the Acer Swift 7 and something like a HP Specter or Dell XPS 13. The i5-7Y54 has an Intel HD 615 CPU, which is more awful than both the Intel HD 620 found in full Core i-arrangement CPUs and the HD 520 of the last era’s set.

How about we contrast the Swift 7 and the less expensive Acer S13 to have the effect clearer. Playing Thief at 720p, low detail, you’ll get a normal of 20.4 fps from the S13 however only 14.3fps from the Swift 7. At 1080p, high detail, the S13 oversees 5.1fps, the Swift 7 4.5fps.

Results are comparably poor in Alien: Isolation, at 20.5fps (720p) and 10.1 (1080p) where the S13 oversees 12.3fps.

No portable workstation with an incorporated illustrations chipset will be incredible for gaming, yet the Acer Swift 7 is more terrible than most at £1000. Non-gamers who needn’t bother with the additional profitability force of a Core i7-review CPU needn’t stress excessively, however, and the 256GB SSD — while not super-quick — keeps the framework feeling nippy.

This Laptop can also Support a 3D Printer like 3Doodler and many Other which makes it different than others in this Category of Laptops.


We’ve seen few of these Core M-style CPUs utilized as a part of the most recent 12 months, yet it is likely part of the motivation behind why Acer could get the Swift 7 very to thin. It likewise assists with battery life.

Playing a 720p video on circle at 120cd/m splendor, the Acer Swift 7 endures eight hours 40 minutes. While not a class-driving outcome, it’s a decent given the portable PC just has a 2770mAh battery, which likens to around 41Wh in ordinary tablet battery terms.

Likewise with the associations, the Swift 7 is a machine made around its top element, a super-thin edge. In the event that that is not all that a lot of a draw, the Dell XPS 13 and less expensive Acer S13 last longer on account of their bigger battery units, regardless of utilizing more eager for power processors.


Speaker quality is generally like the better super-thin tablets. It’s genuinely boisterous and there’s sufficient mass to the sound to abstain from sounding slender or feeble.

The best figure out how to isolate out bass notes and give them more weight, and have smoother-sounding treble. Be that as it may, the Acer Swift 7 sounds adequate to make the speakers usable instead of a high-value humiliation.


  • 13.3in (1920 x 1080) 165dpi LCD shiny with Gorilla Glass 5
  • 1.2 GHz, up to 3.2 GHz Turbo Intel Core i5-7Y54 , two centers four strings
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Intel HD 615 GPU
  • 8GB RAM DDR3
  • 256GB SSD
  • 802.11b/g/n/air conditioning 2×2
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2 USB-C 3.1 port
  • stereo speakers
  • HD webcam
  • Advanced exhibit mic
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • UK tiled console
  • 41 Wh lithium-particle battery non-removable (2770mAh)
  • 325 x 228 x 10mm
  • 1.16 kg
  • 1 year restricted guarantee


Whether the Acer Swift 7 is the correct portable workstation for you relies on upon the amount you think about its 10mm thickness. If its all the same to you including a millimeter or five, you can get portable workstations with more power and better availability at a similar cost. Bad-to-the-bone clients observe. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you like the look and the thin edge implies a considerable measure to you, the Swift 7 is an exceptionally strong alternative. An incredible trackpad and thin however conventional console make this an exceptionally charming portable PC, especially as it can last during a time’s work of light undertakings.

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