BackupBuddy Review PROS and CONS (2019)

Are you looking for a genuine backup plugin for your WordPress website? It is very hard, if your website crashed and lost your hard work. Now there is a solution with BackupBuddy Plugin. In this article, I am explaining about BackupBuddy plugin and its advanced features.

For backup and restoring your data, there are distinct plugins and tools are available. BackupBuddy is one of the fortunate and well-known plugins. Usually, WordPress doesn’t contain in-built backups, so BackupBuddy is developed in the year 2010 to give a solution for WordPress backup.


BackupBuddy was developed and included all kind of plugins that not only saves data and files but can do even more. There are many reasons why a plugin like this is required, and many people have put their trust in BackupBuddy.

BackupBuddy Review – Features and Options


The worst situation while you are working is a poor connection with your internet. Because no one knows how much you dedicated to implementing that project, in that case, backup for the project is must and should. Sometimes it is difficult to forecast the hackers, malware and other technical problems.

Regrettably, WordPress doesn’t have a backup option. It is up to you to get the solution for backup to save the projects and other data.

However BackupBuddy plugin provides all kinds of features.

Backup Buddy Review

BackupBuddy is the best security system for WordPress website. WordPress is good and secure for your website but still, there is no solution for data loss. Now a day’s internet is the big platform for data loss. Thousands of developers, content creators get caught out by viruses, hackers, data thefts and so on. So it is very important to get the solution for your data backup.

It is difficult to get back stolen data or lost data. And also it is time-consuming. There is no meaning for getting you in trouble if you are using backup plugin like BackupBuddy. The best feature of BackupBuddy is user-friendly, automation function and regular backups for you. It is not required to do manually.

The two most important functions of a WordPress backup plugin are:

  • the plugin must create backups of your WordPress data quickly and with ease (preferably using an automated schedule) and
  • it must allow for the fast retrieval of data from these backups.

You also want to prioritize backup tools that take advantage of cloud-based storage. Cloud storage is more secure because it cannot be affected by anything that might compromise your computer. You could get completely shut down by a hack attack, and any backup data would still be safe and untouched in the cloud.

Backup Everything


The primary function of BackupBuddy is a WordPress backup. Yes, it gives 100% WordPress backup.
With the help of BackupBuddy, it is easy to get back up your entire WordPress installation. This includes files, themes, media files, plugins, and any other setting and items you need for your WordPress-based website. It is more worst if you lost your website. With the help of BackupBuddy there is no need of worrying if it is saved everything and ready for you to bring it back up with just a few simple clicks.

backupbuddy guide

Easy to Use


BackupBuddy is developed with the casual user in mind. This means it is designed on the user point of view, and what’s left is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand design that lets you know exactly what you’re doing without requiring you to get a degree first.


Schedule a Backup Anytime

BackupBuddy schedules another special feature that can schedule the backups to work around. Few plugins required to be login and manually start the backup. Others might choose odd and inconvenient times to back up your data. BackupBuddy comes with a convenient scheduling option so you can tell it when to work.

Backup Buddy

Rather than scheduling backup to whole site BackupBuddy allows to schedule multiple backups to various backup items. Hence it is easy to schedule smaller backups throughout the week.

Store it in the Cloud

BackupBuddy offers a cloud-based solution, and essentially not to worry backup plugins. The data is always stored and available with a few clicks. Irrespective of your location, time and so on.
BackupBuddy gives the choice where the backup can be stored such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and other cloud-based solutions. BackupBuddy’s own serves called BackupBuddy Stash.

backupbuddy reviews

There is also an option to download in a zip file of the entire backup in a local server. BackupBuddy has a convenient and easy solution for you that lets you work with the technology you already have, rather than forcing you to learn an entirely new system to use it correctly.

Restore Your Data with Ease

BackupBuddy makes very simple and reduced the entire process to a few click. That’s right — one click and your entire site is restored, as good as new.



BackupBuddy General settings

Sometimes if you want only certain files to be restored, in such cases you can easily pick and select and other things you can ignore. You can also give command BackupBuddy to rollback your site to an earlier configuration. This option is helpful for minor changes as well.

Relocate an Existing Site

Are you looking to change the server or web host, and thought of having to relocate all the data, then don’t worry BackupBuddy has a solution and makes all the process easy. Relocating all the information is just as simple as restoring a website.

This plugin doesn’t just create backups. It can also move your WordPress website to a different host. Ordinarily, this is a tedious process, but BackupBuddy makes it simple with a superb migration tool.

You can use BackupBuddy to make quick changes to your website’s host, server, or domain name. If you want to change its URL completely, the plugin can do this as well. It makes full-scale WordPress migrations look and feel easy.

BackupBuddy Security Designed to Keep the Bad Guys Out

BackupBuddy is designed in such a way that, it is impossible to hack the data. It has options such as,

  • BackupBuddy Brute Force Protection
  • File Change Detection
  • 404 Detection
  • Strong Password Enforcement
  • Lock Out Bad Users
  • Away Mode
  • Hide Login & Admin
  • Database Backups
  • Email Notifications

BackupBuddy has Two-Factor Authentication

Backup Buddy has two-factor authentication or 2-step verification adds an important extra layer of protection to your website’s login and admin area by requiring
1) a password and
2) a secondary time-sensitive code to login.

How Two-Factor Authentication Works

Once two-factor authentication is enabled with the iThemes Security Pro plugin, users will see a second screen after successfully entering their password on their WordPress admin login screen.

On this screen, they’ll be required to enter a time-sensitive authentication code sent to a secondary device such as a smartphone.


To access this code, they must use the device paired with their user profile during the BackupBuddy two-factor authentication setup process with a two-factor authentication app like Google Authenticator.

backupbuddy 8

Scan for Malware

Because many issues with WordPress sites come in the form of malware, the creators of BackupBuddy put in what I think is one of their handiest features — a malware scan. This preventative measure might be one of the more useful features offered.

Rather than needing to restore your data, why not side step the problem entirely before it begins by scanning for potential issues and eliminating them?

You’ll be pleased to know BackupBuddy also comes with an integrated malware detection tool. It only takes two or three clicks to launch it and get your entire WordPress website checked for insecurities. It uses a combination of different malware hunting software like Norton Safe Web, Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank, and Site Advisor to do this.

If it detects a credible threat, it will recommend a previous backup point and advise you to restore your website to this safer date. It won’t change anything about the website though. The vulnerability that allowed the malware to get into the site will stay there unless you take action to improve security.

WP host compatibility

Some website hosts don’t like BackupBuddy and won’t permit its use. It’s nothing to do with the plugin’s quality. Some shared hosting plans just won’t accept the demands on memory, disk space, and processor time that backup plugins make.

Support and Documentation

Like all good WordPress plugins, BackupBuddy offers various customer support features. Lots of users say the support needs several days to answer, which is something that BackupBuddy support needs to work on.


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Pros and Cons

  • BackupBuddy has huge advantages that make it plugin to consider, These pros include:
  • It is easy-to-use for learners and techies alike.
  • Full backup of all data, including your themes, plugins and other settings.
  • Multiple scheduling options to make BackupBuddy work for you.
  • Multiple cloud-based storage options, including BackupBuddy’s BackupBuddy Stash.
  • Easy site restoration, rollback or migration.
  • Malware scans are included.
  • Makes restoring WordPress websites simple and easy.
  • It offers superb cloud storage in the form of its Live Stash functions.
  • The initial setup wizard gets your backups running in a very approachable way.Even though nothing is perfect, and even BackupBuddy has some cons. These include:
  • Even though BackupBuddy is considered easy to use, for those who are just starting some of the options and features can still seem a bit on the technical side
  • The pricing is a yearly price — not just a one-time deal. So, be prepared to pay and keep paying later.BackupBuddy Conclusion 

BackupBuddy is the only option, certainly not but it is developed with many features. It has a huge number of plugins and worth for your valuable money. Even a new user can also use easily. With the help of a few clicks, you can get the data backup. In brief, I can tell it is an affordable way to back up your website data.


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